Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Did Not Build it Alone.

While driving today I saw a sign that said "Government didn't build my business, I did!." on my way to breakfast. On the drive back I wondered if he thought about the government policy, tax revenue collected which put forth the infrastructure in society that helped him have the opportunity to grow a business.

Ironic how his business is dependent upon a stable well organized infrastructure and society, but how he failed to think about that.

A progressive tax policy and good government programs enable society to have the needed stable, educated and safe society that presented the opportunity which allowed him to grow his business.

Our tax dollars and government programs, building initiatives and our pro entrepreneurial society helped him have the opportunity he exploited to grow his business. Yet he thinks he built it by himself.

Rule number 1: Always be honest, be brutally honest with yourself.

This guy was in a state of delusion or just not thinking. Tough to think on your own when Fox talking points tell you how you should react.

Rule 2: Don't react, enact a plan...I may add THINK for yourself.